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From Africa, with love

​​Matoke Tours is one of Uganda’s leading tour operators and destination management companies, specialized in providing quality, individualized private and group tours within the region. We share our love for Africa by creating unforgettable travel experiences which reflect our care and respect for the destination and its people. With sustainability as a guiding principle at the core of our business, we develop creative and innovative products based on local knowledge and an understanding of the global market.

Our core business is designing and executing full-service tour packages for our clients, meeting your needs throughout the process and representing your brand on ground. Building meaningful and long-lasting partnerships is important to us, built on trust and our full support to provide you with all the tools and services required to boost your business and the tourism industry within our destinations.


We offer tailor-made product solutions that meet your clients’ needs

With a culturally diverse team on ground and experience since 2007, we have a global understanding of tourism needs and expectations. With Uganda being the heart of our operations, we as well know best how to implement these values on ground with our in-depth local expertise. We know that all our partners are different, and that all your clients are different, so we tailor our products to fit you and your clients’ needs, including advise on how to best balance your activities and pace of travel, which lodges are the best match for your standards and price expectations, and special interests that require extra attention within your itineraries. We create unique experiences for all our partners, and can as well co-create with you to develop innovative regional products.


We offer full-package ground handling for a high-quality travel experience

From carefully tailoring the best routing of your trip to matching your clients with the right guide – you can trust that Matoke Tours will seamlessly plan and execute your itinerary. We are a one-stop-shop for travel planning and execution. A knowledgeable, experienced tour guide is key to an unforgettable travel experience and as well the main representative of your brand during the trip, which is why we invest in our guides to utilize their full potential through specialized guide training initiatives. We use strong and well-maintained vehicles for all trips, which our guides are well versed with. May anything happen unexpectedly, we provide 24/7 for back-office assistance; with our presence on ground and strong network, we are able to immediately act in case of an emergency and coordinate instant solutions through our destination-wide networks.



A knowledgeable, experienced tour guide is key to an unforgettable travel experience. Matoke Tours offers professionally guided full-package itineraries within East Africa, with Uganda being the heart of our operations.

Matoke Tours Africa is amongst the leading tour operators in Uganda who actively contributes towards developing the tourism industry in a way that reflects their care and respect for the destination and its people. Investing in quality guide training programs is one of the pillars we focus on when doing this. Our guide training programs range from intense adventure travel specialization courses for experienced tour guides, to extensive mentored training courses for young aspiring female tour guides.


We offer visibility and full representation of your brand identity on ground

Matoke Tours offers while label packages, which means that we will fully represent your brand on ground. Our vehicles are branded with your logos, and our guides can wear branded uniforms if desired. In case back-office interaction with your client is necessary, Matoke Tours’ back office team will contact your clients on your behalf, without disclosure of Matoke Tours being your ground handler.


We offer training opportunities for tourism professionals

Being a DMC in Uganda since 2007, we know that it can be difficult for agents abroad to always stay updated on new activities, new itinerary options and to have all the general knowledge about Uganda. In order to give our agents all the tools they need to be able to represent Uganda to the best of their abilities, we create destination-training courses covering a wide range of regions, so that they can familiarize themselves easily with the country and logistical information, ultimately resulting in more confidence while selling the destination, and a higher conversion rate for your business.


We offer tools and support to best market our destinations

When partnering with Matoke Tours, we will provide you with all the needed content tools to market the destination and your tours. Once you’ve published the tours on your website or developed your travel brochures, we can cross-check your information to ensure nothing important is missing and all information is correct. If you want to stand out as a company that offers our destinations, we are as well open to co-create on unique content pieces, such as branded video productions or travel blogs.


We offer opportunities to meet your sustainability goals

Besides offering tailored itineraries with a seamless execution, we are here to support our partners in meeting their sustainability goals. With Uganda being the heart of our operations and having lots of expertise in sustainable tourism solutions, our team is always able to advise on the best ways to support local initiatives and for your clients to travel responsibly, minding the environment of a destination, its wildlife, and its people. We are open to co-create and innovate with you, for you to be outstanding and make a change in your own way.


We offer a dedicated travel consultant for smooth and personal communication

We know that a quick response to your client is key to converting an inquiry into a booking. In order to make communication smooth and personal, all our partners have one dedicated travel consultant within Matoke Tours, either English-, Dutch- or German-speaking. We aim to respond within 24 hours on work days, and we provide 24/7 back office assistance during your trips on the road. Over the years Matoke Tours has built a country-wide network on ground within our destinations, to ensure a seamless experience for your client.

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From Africa, with Love