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Being amongst Uganda’s leading tour companies and DMC’s, it is our responsibility to actively take part in maximising tourism potential for Uganda. Our goal is to further develop Uganda as a prime-destination, with care and respect for the destination and its people.

Adventure Tourism

Uganda’s tourism sector is currently majorly focussed on primate-tracking activities, making the south-western region a travelers’ center of attention. But, with its incredible diversity of nature, culture and wildlife, Uganda is the perfect destination for authentic adventures – beyond primates. With over 45 tribes, Uganda as well presents a rich cultural diversity and variety in languages and dialects, foods, dressing, customs and beliefs. Unique and responsibly developed activities allow genuine interaction with communities and create unforgettable immersive experiences. Developing and promoting Uganda as an adventure travel destination is one of our approaches to work towards a more inclusive destination with opportunities to participate in and to earn revenue from tourism activities for all regions in Uganda.

Gender Balance

Gender inclusion is another important pillar that Matoke Tours focuses on. Cultural, societal and economical barriers often make it impossible for women to consider a career in tourism in Uganda. To facilitate a change in perception, Matoke Tours actively involves women to participate in (tour guiding) training programs and develops female-only initiatives to stimulate dialogue about female participation in the tourism industry amongst tourism stakeholders, aiming to trigger a sector-wide participation in achieving positive social change.

Nature & Wildlife protection

Lastly, Matoke Tours carefully selects activities to offer & initiatives to support that actively contribute to nature preservations, restoration and/or wildlife conservation. When traveling with Matoke Tours, you can trust that your itinerary will include responsibly developed activities in support of nature and wildlife protection.

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Matoke Tours' Initiatives


"Most Sustainable Tour Operator" in Uganda

In December 2022, Matoke Tours received the Ekkula Tourism Award for being the ‘Most Sustainable Tour Operator’ in Uganda! With sustainability as a guiding principle at the core of our business, we will always strive to contribute to a more inclusive tourism industry, diverse low-impact tourism products and tours designed to create a positive impact for our destination.

We are thankful to see our efforts recognised by colleagues in the tourism industry through this important award.

What our guides say about our initiatives

"I love how Matoke Tours’ core values are people centered" - Geoffrey Katende

Hamida a.k.a. ‘Hami’
Participant of the Female Tour Guide training & bootcamp

“I joined Matoke tours as a trainee back in October 2021, where I was given the opportunity to do an internship as an (assistent) guide during their tours. Even before finishing my first trip, I was overjoyed in receiving a 5 star review!

Currently I’m leading big tour groups across Uganda. During a trip, I’m making sure everything runs smoothly and be a source of information, so our clients can fully enjoy all the great things that Uganda has to offer; beautiful nature, great wildlife and last, but definitely not least, it’s interesting culture.

One of my personal goals in life is to inspire women who would love to be a guide, but feel nervous stepping into a typically male dominated industry. I’m happy to say that Matoke shares my believes and therefore organises bootcamps for aspiring female tour guides. During one of these bootcamps, I was given the opportunity to give a speech about my experience being a female tour guide in the industry. I shared my journey thru life with a group of about 15 young ladies and it made a big impact! After the speech, they where inspired and motivated, some even started sharing their own stories and experiences! This is exactly why I did it; inspire, motivate and help. A succes in my book!

So with all this being said, I’d like to close this story by thanking Matoke tours for placing trust in me and giving me the opportunity in becoming a guide in your company.”

Paul Turyagumanawe
Participant of the Adventure Travel Guide Training

“What a great few days it’s been, from mammal watching in the dead of night, to exploring a beautiful cycad sanctuary, surrounded by a gorge with some of the best waterfalls off the beaten path, to a taste of the hiker’s high of the Rwenzoris. Our imagination, so beautifully stretched, will not shrink back anytime soon.

And like they say, what one learns is most influenced by those one learns it with. From the guidance of some of the most senior guides in the country, to being shown around by the most accomplished site guides anywhere. It’s amazing, how this amazing team was put together.

I personally, like everyone else, look forward to putting into practice what has been learnt. I’m a fuller guide than I came, more adventurous, and definitely more wholesome. Thanks again, Matoke, for your visionary leadership. Blessings all yours, and ten thousand beside..”

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From Africa, With Love