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A knowledgeable, experienced tour guide is key to an unforgettable travel experience. When booking your tour with Matoke Tours we assure your tour will be executed by a highly experienced professional tour guide. We have English-speaking guides and German-speaking guides. Multilingual guides with knowledge of alternative languages can be offered on request depending on the travel time and availability of our guides.

Matoke Tours Africa is amongst the leading tour operators in Uganda who actively contributes towards developing the tourism industry in a way that reflects their care and respect for the destination and its people. Investing in quality guide training programs is one of the pillars we focus on when doing this. Our guide training programs range from intense adventure travel specialization courses for experienced tour guides, to extensive mentored training courses for young aspiring female tour guides.

All our guides have versatile knowledge about the destination, parks and activities,  culture and wildlife. May you require a guide with a specific specialty, such as a specialist birding guide or a guide with extensive knowledge on reptiles, always let us know so that we can make sure to make the right match for you.

Geoffrey Katende

Matoke Tours Guide since 2012

“When I started at Matoke Tours, I considered it as a golden opportunity to contribute to an exciting positive thinking and fast growing company in Uganda’s vibrant tourism sector, and therefore there was vast potential in the company to grow my experience and shape my dream.

I love how Matoke Tours’ core values are people centered. The past decade I’ve experienced Matoke Tours’ inclusive culture. Unlike most companies, Matoke Tours facilitates meetings of directors, administration, consultants, finance and field guides to discuss products and itineraries that are being developed, and guides like myself are given a floor to share our opinions and advice and it’s adopted. Matoke Tours has good core values and practices social responsibility to the communities where we operate, including the commitment to uplifting the standards of women in tourism.
Matoke Tours’ clients are always good and organized, and in many instances I attribute that to the very good and extensive information they receive from their tour consultants at Matoke Tours, who engage them prior to their vacation. In my opinion, it’s one of very few companies where clients realize value for money.


Matoke Tours Guide since 2013

“My passion for tour guiding is driven by a calling in the tourism industry, love for conservation and an impeccable working environment in Matoke Tours. It allows me to meet with people of all walks of life from across the world. I wanted to work for Matoke Tours because of their professionalism in handling and designing itineraries that were geared towards client satisfaction, and the support they give us as guides which helps us immensely in positively executing our jobs. Ever since I started, Matoke Tours has made a huge difference in both my personal and professional development because of the various structures therein, mainly through the various training opportunities they offer in the field and the educational workshops Matoke Tours has prepared for us.

My experience as a tour guide working for Matoke Tours is very exciting and highly motivational. Compared to other safaris, I have learned a lot while working for Matoke Tours. The difference between a Matoke Tours product and any other safari is down to the unique itineraries that guarantee client satisfaction, and the real respect to protecting and conserving nature, as well as cultural tourism. Due to meticulous preparations and organization done by the Matoke Tours staff, and the prior briefing done with the clients, my work as a tour guide is much easier as well.”

Mugisha Meddy

German-speaking Matoke Tours guide since 2015

“I wanted to work at Matoke Tours because it is a company that promotes the value of a safari guide and invests in improving their guides’ skills. I studied Tourism and Wildlife management and I love sharing my knowledge about my country, the people and its wildlife.

Matoke Tours has made a huge difference in my professional life, from the day I applied to work as a German-speaking guide in 2015, until now. Matoke Tours sponsored me in gaining off-road driving skills and to attend a refresher training in German language where I learned a lot. During my time at Matoke Tours I’ve met people that have played a big role in my professional development. Matoke Tours always kept faith and believed in me until date and I am very thankful for that.

Matoke Tours’ values stand for competence and one-time service delivery, in the sense of making sure the guides and clients welfare en-route is first priority. Compared to other companies, the products are more detailed, so we rarely have misunderstandings of the products with our clients. The information guides get, relates to what the clients have and that is a 10/10. I find working with Matoke Tours more reliable as well, because the communication is always swift from the day they book me for a trip until the end of the trip. The whole staff is so friendly and cooperative which makes my job as a guide easier.”

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