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Chimp Empire

Survival is in Our Nature

If you’ve ever had a chance to see chimps in the wild, you’ll know what an extraordinary experience it can be!

And if you haven’t, we know chimp tracking in Uganda – the setting for Chimp Empire, a thrilling Netflix documentary – will be high on everyone’s bucket list!

Chimp Empire is set in Ngogo, Kibale Forest, western Uganda, a National Park that is famous for its chimpanzee population.

Did you know chimpanzees and humans share almost 98% of the same DNA? Chimp Empire reveals the emotions, relationships, conflict and power struggles that are at play, deep in this Ugandan forest.

This four-part documentary is directed by Academy Award® winner James Reed, Co-Director of My Octopus Teacher (another amazing African wildlife film) and narrated by Academy Award® Winner Mahershala Ali.

We have a feeling you’ll be even more intrigued about Uganda as a travel destination, after watching this fantastic production! Reach out to us to learn about the options to offer Uganda – including chimpanzee tracking – to your clients.

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